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Angeles National Forest Trails & Maps

A Mountain Biker’s Dream Trails: You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

The Angeles National Forest is loaded with tons of incredible mountain bike trails from mellow 2.5 mile gravity assist rides to 27+mile long epic enduro adventures. There is something for everybody. We are close to the coast at an elevation of well over 5000ft. Some descents clock in at 4500ft elevation loss over 6.5 miles. No wonder some of the local Pros come here to train.




Miles of Singletrack


Shuttle Trails

2 miles

Minimum length

Incredible Trails That Have To Be Experienced

Check Out the trails below to get a better picture of what our shuttles & tours have to offer here at Mt Wilson MTB Adventure

Angles National Forest Trails You Can Access From Our Shuttle

Click on each image to view technical details, routes, and maps on 

Rim Trail

Part of the “Darkside” of Mt Wilson. Extremely exposed and super technical.

Sturtevant Trail

Super Fast, Flowy, and Technical

Mt Wilson Road

Easy Pace, All Downhill, and Vast Views

Mt Lowe East Railway Trail

Easy Pace, Historic Ruins, and Vast Views

Gabrielino Trail/Red Box Trail

Fast and Flowy with Technical Rock Gardens

Silver Moccasin Trail

Super Fast and Flowy, Technical, Jumps and Berms

Mt Lowe Trail

Super Fast, Exposed, Technical Rock Garden

Strawberry Peak Trail

Fast and Flowy, Enduro, Rocky, and Exposed

Horse Trails

Fast, Steep, Loose Berms, and Jumps

Sam Merrill Trail

Fast, Steep, Rocky, and Technical

Sunset Ridge Trail

Fast, Rocky, and Technical Drops

El Prieto Trail

Fast, Flowy, Tacky, and Technical

Christian Camp Trail

Fast, Flowy, Rocky, and Enduro

Mt Hillyer Trail

Slick Rock, Boulders, Rocky Enduro

Mt Wilson Trail

Fast and Flowy, Rocky, Technical, and Exposed

Winter Creek Trail

Super Fast, Flowy, and Technical

Entire Angeles National Forest Map

Angeles National Forest on