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Single Run Shuttle + Package

Experience high thrill and adventure!

Important Details

Hour Glass Session Duration: About 5 hours, depending on how quickly you ride

Bus Shuttle Pickup: Arroyo Secco/Gabrielino Trail Head

Map Marker Drop-off Spots: Red Box or Eaton Saddle drop (45 min. shuttle ride)

Checkmark What to Bring: Bike, helmet, bear bell, standard mountain biking clothing & equipment

Info Rider Abilities: Not for those who haven’t ridden Mt. Wilson before

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Shuttle up to the intense and popular Mt. Wilson Single Track 

This is the run everyone talks about, writes about and makes a video about… BKXC – Mt Wilson Single Track 5,000′ descent.

The Red Box drop puts you in on the Gabrielino Trail which will take you back to the Arroyo Parking Lot. The Eaton Saddle Drop sets you up for a gradual climb through the Muller Tunnel, up to Mt Lowe East, through Middle Sam Merrill with a sashay over to Sunset. After you have ridden Sunset, you have a choice: Millard Camp transition to El Prieto (the recommended route) or, if you are short on time, hit Horsey. Of course, there are many variations available with proper planning.

Important note: if this is your first time riding Mt. Wilson, sign up for the Enduro Day ride. We recommend getting a sample of the mountain before jumping in the deep end. Also – if this is your first time riding Mt. Wilson we do not recommend signing up for the 6 a.m. ride. Please pick another time.

Eaton Saddle Drop Off has zero amenities. What you packed is what you will have. Plan accordingly. Also, there is no cell phone coverage here.

Love riding the Single Track? Purchase a Combo Shuttle Package

After purchasing a shuttle package, reserve a number of spots online for the Singe Run Shuttle based on your purchase! You can choose any dates on the calendar with the promo code that is generated in your confirmation email.

Session Format

Choose one: 2N50 (Tunnel) to Echo Mountain plus many others. Or if you want to pedal, take the Valley Forge Trail to the east.

Extend the day

Double up. On your first run, take it to the Mt. Wilson Observatory and hit Sturtevant. Meet the next Darkside pick up and come back to Eaton Saddle for a Front Side Single Run Shuttle. It is a quick way to get in 9500′ feet of descending.

If you want some cardio, take the Eaton Saddle Drop Off and ride the Valley Forge Trail to the Gabrielino. The “Gab” will bring you over to Chantry. You will need to take the next Darkside shuttle to get back to your car.

What to bring

Your bike and the equipment required to keep it running. Standard mountain biking clothing and safety equipment. You will not be allowed on the shuttle without a helmet and a bear bell.

What’s included

The 45-minute shuttle ride to either Eaton Saddle or Mt Wilson Observatory

What to know

Have a plan. Know which trails you plan to take back to your car, the weather, and when sunset is.

Riding Distance

8 – 13 miles, this depends on riding level


Starts close to 5,400 feet and ends at 1,100 feet. Plan on some climbing depending on the specific route.

Rider Level

Beginner to advanced. Previous mountain biking experience is preferred. We will design your ride to match your abilities.

Terrain & Trails

Smooth and fast, or chunky and technical single-track for riders with experience. Beginners or first-timers can request fire roads.