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Mt. Wilson Toll Road

Great for beginners and families

Important Details

Hour Glass Session Duration: Less than 4 hours

Clock Shuttle Times: Friday-Sunday every 2 hours starting at 9:45 a.m.

Bus Shuttle Pickup: Altadena Ave and Roosevelt Altadena

Map Marker Drop-off Spot: Mt. Wilson Observatory

Checkmark What to Bring: Bike, gear, standard mountain bike clothing, and safety equipment. You must have a bear bell and helmet.

Season Pass Holder

A great trail for all levels and experience!

New to mountain biking or looking for a straightforward and simple ride to the bottom? The Mt. Wilson Toll Road is perfect for the new rider or families looking for easier terrain. In total, there is over 4,000′ of descending over nine miles.

The Toll Road is an excellent choice for the person who wants a straightforward ride down a fire road. The elevation drop is almost 5,000′. It is suitable for young kids and people new to mountain biking.

The drop off is at the Mt Wilson Observatory Parking lot (there will be bathrooms). Check out the Cosmic Cafe for snacks and drinks. It is a working observatory so keep your voices down as the astronomers are sleeping.

Session Format

The Mt. Wilson Toll Road takes you to Altadena. At the bottom, you will cross the bridge and head up to the mountain bike exit. While the temptation will be strong, resist heading down the trail to the left of the bridge. That trail is CLOSED to mountain bikers.

Extend the day

Do one run then head to Fox’s for breakfast. If you’re feeling recharged, sign up for a second Mt. Wilson Toll Road run!

What to bring

Your bike and the equipment required to keep it running. Standard mountain biking clothing and safety equipment. You will not be allowed on the shuttle without a helmet and a bear bell.

What’s included

Transportation to Mt. Wilson Observatory


Starts close to 5,710 feet and ends at 800 feet. There is a short, 1/4-mile climb at the end.

Terrain & Trails

Fire road top to bottom.

Mt Wilson Toll Road Trail and Map

Mt. Wilson Road on