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Mt. Wilson Observatory to Chantry Shuttle

When you need a rescue pick-up!

Important Details


Pickup for those ready to leave from Mt. Wilson Observatory!

You made it to the Mt. Wilson Observatory, but you can’t get down to Chantry Flats on your own steam. You need a rescue. We will pick you up at the Cosmic Cafe near the stairs next to the blue water spigot.

We need a minimum of three paid passengers to send the shuttle. You can pay for three, or you can wait for others to join. Once everyone has paid online, we will send the driver. It will take 45 minutes for the driver to reach you.

Cash customers need to reserve their spot online. The driver will refund the charge at the pickup.

We will have pickups at 3 PM and 5 PM. If you have questions, please call the shop toll free (888) 578-7764 or (310) 230-5520