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Chilao Epic & Epic+

A 26-mile ride for a more experienced rider!

Important Details

Clock Shuttle Departure Times: 8 a.m. sharp, Friday – Sunday

Hour Glass Ride/Trail Duration: 26 miles; About 5 hours on your bike

Checkmark Rider Ability: Experienced – Advanced; Unguided session.

Info Trail Options: 60-minute shuttle ride to Christian Camp or Mt Hillyer trails

Map Marker Trail Begins/Ends: Arcadia/Darkside pickup (Tindalo Rd at W Floral Ave Arcadia)

Chilao Epic
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Chilao Epic +
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Chilao Epic offers some of the sweetest riding on the mountain

The Epic takes you from the amazing backcountry of the Angeles National Forest through amazing rugged single-track terrain to the Front Country of Mt Wilson. This area is famous for 26 miles of incredible mountain biking less than an hour from downtown Los Angeles.

The entire run is 26 miles with 11,000′ of descending and only 3,300′ of climbing. Plan to spend at least five hours on the bike. Christian Camp or Mt Hillyer drops available. This ride is designed for the experienced rider who is able to spend long periods of time in the saddle.

This ride is unguided. Make sure you have a map and a plan to get yourself through the ride. This cannot be overstated.

Chilao Epic+ offers extra trails and adventure

We will start at Christian Camp, roll Silver Mocassin to West Fork – just like the Chilao Epic. Then head West to Red Box. At Red Box, we will grab water and snacks, if you want them. Afterward, we head down the Gabrielino back to JPL. It is a big ride over some amazing terrain. Are you down?

What to Bring

Courage and a sense of adventure. Your bike and the equipment required to keep it running. Standard mountain biking clothing and safety equipment to be on the mountain for at least 5 hours. You will not be allowed on the shuttle without a helmet and a bear bell.

Riding Distance

26+ miles


Starts at 6,000 feet and ends at 1100 feet. Plan on 3,300′ of climbing depending on the specific route.

Rider Level

Experienced to advanced – this is one of our longer rides and is not recommended for beginners.

Terrain & Trails

Technical single-track with one 3-mile fire road climb.

Trail Maps and Route Details