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A Mountain Biker’s Dream Trails:
You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

The Angeles National Forest is loaded with tons of incredible mountain bike trails from mellow 2.5 mile gravity assist rides to 27+mile long epic enduro adventures. There is something for everybody. We are close to the coast at an elevation of well over 5000ft. Some descents clock in at 4500ft elevation loss over 6.5 miles. No wonder some of the local Pros come here to train.

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Mt Wilson Trail
Miles of Singletrack
Shuttle Trails
Minimum length

Incredible Trails: They Have To Be Experienced

Check Out the trails below to get a better picture of what our shuttles & tours have to offer here at Mt Wilson MTB Adventure

Rim Trail

Extremely Exposed & Super Technical

Sturtevant Trail

Super Fast, Flowy & Technical

Mt Wilson Road

Easy Pace, All Downhill & Vast Views

Old Mt Lowe Railway

Easy Pace, Historic Ruins & Vast Views

Red Box Trail

Fast & Flowy, Technical Rock Gardens

Silver Moccasin Trail

Super Fast & Flowy, Technical, Jumps & Berms

Mt Lowe Trail

Super Fast, Exposed, Technical Rock Garden

Strawberry Peak Trail

Fast & Flowy, Rocky, Enduro & Exposed

Horse Trail

Fast, Steep, Loose Berms & Jumps

Sam Merrill Trail

Fast, Steep, Rocky & Technical

Sunset Ridge Trail

Fast, Rocky & Technical Drops

El Prieto Trail

Fast, Flowy, Tacky & Technical

Christian Camp Route

Fast, Flowy & Rocky, Enduro

Mt Hillyer Route

Slick Rock, Boulders, Rocky Enduro

Mt Wilson Trail

Fast & Flowy, Rocky, Technical & Exposed

Winter Creek Trail

Super Fast, Flowy & Technical

Those Are Just A Few Trails, There Are Plenty More

  • Easy Beginner Trails

  • Very Technical Gnar

  • XC Trails

  • Challenging Enduro Epics

  • Flow Trails

  • Rock Gardens

  • Fast

  • Challenging

  • Tree Covered

  • Scenic Trails

  • Historic Ruins

  • Singletrack

  • Exposed Narrow Cliff Trails

  • Root & Dirt Trails

  • Steep Chutes

  • Downhill Heaven

  • Decomposed Granite

  • From loose to packed

  • Flow Trails

  • Nature & Wildlife

  • Natural Berms & Obstacles

  • Secret Water Falls

  • Creek Crossings

  • Exclusive Trail Access

  • First Class Camp Grounds

  • 5000ft+ Elevation

  • Steep & Technical

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So Much Choice: A Trail For Every Level Of Rider.

Mt Wilson MTB Adventure gives you limitless potential to ride our shuttle to amazing trails some of which we have exclusive access to. With So much choice it is sometimes not easily determined which trail is appropriate for you. In comes our handy list below.

User Reviews: We Love our Customers, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our fellow riders. When you book with Mt Wilson MTB Adventure, there is no need to worry about customer support & service. With over 5,000 riders per year and counting, you cannot go wrong with us. Check out what some fellow mountain bikers are saying about Mt Wilson MTB Adventure!

“These guys are THE BEST, bar none.”

“I’ve mountain biked for 32 years and done shuttles all over the country and the world. These guys are THE BEST, bar none. Part of the credit goes to the awesome trails in the Mt. Wilson Area but Chris from MWMTBA makes life simple with his flexibility and great pricing. Every time I leave town to ride I find myself asking why I didn’t just stay in LA and shuttle with these guys. I have no idea why more people don’t make trips to LA and make a serious riding vacation out of it.” – Otrain

This trip exceeded my expectations in every way. Chris is extremely helpful and made sure we had a good time based on our own personal preferences. I would absolutely recommend this to any biker out there, from beginner to advanced. That was the great thing about it is that we could tailor the riding to the kind trails/skill level we wanted to do.
Get out your A game. Killer ride with lots and lots of options. The hardest parts will challenge most people. I walked a few section. Really scenic starting quite high with multiple long long drops. In my opinion, better than the Canal Plunge in Kern. It took 50 minutes to drive from the Westside:)
I’ve been riding this region since 1982 ad I’ve seen much in the evolution of the MTB scene in these mountains, I’ve since graduated recently from self shuttling with friends to the use of this excellent service provided by S.C.O.A. and it’s cut much of the logistics down to allow more time to enjoy riding. sign up and have a blast!
Robert H, Rim Trail, a.k.a. The Darkside.
Best all-mountain ride in SoCal, listed as top ten in the US. For experienced mountain bikers looking for an epic ride without the climbing, this is as good as it gets. Four thousand feet of descent with around one thousand feet of climbing along the way. The shuttle is easy to book with multiple departure times throughout the day. Chris will give you any advice you need on finding the right trail down based on your experience and skills. if you have a whole day or weekend there are enough options to do multiple shuttles and experience some of the trails less traveled.
Ed D
Most fun you can have on a mountain bike. The most fun you can have for $20. One run down the front side is 1:45 of ride time. Need a mtn bike vacation? Live in So cal? Easy to get to and you can ride down hill all day and be home for dinner. Lots of trail variety from intermediate the full on down hill. Link up several runs in a day. Do the Enduro tour or dawn patrol. Chris offers it all.
E Grey


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