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FAQ Page 2018-06-11T23:56:49+00:00
What services do you provide? 2018-06-14T17:30:32+00:00

We provide two levels of service: 1) mountain bike shuttle and 2) mountain bike tour. The shuttle, like the name implies, picks you up from one of three pickup locations and takes you to the top of Mt Wilson (Red Box, Eaton Saddle, or the Mt Wilson Observatory). Shuttles are priced from $20. They are booked online. Shuttles are available at various times throughout the week. See menu item [Mountain Bike Shuttles] for specifics. The name of the shuttle specifies your pick up/drop off location.

  • Single-Run Shuttle (Gabrielino Trailhead (2807 Windsor Ave Altadena)/Eaton Saddle)
  • Darkside (Tindalo Rd at W Floral Ave Arcadia/Mt Wilson Observatory)
  • Mt Wilson Toll Road (N Roosevelt Blvd at N Altadena Drive Altadena/Mt Wilson Observatory)
  • Chilao Epic (Tindalo Rd at W Floral Ave Arcadia/Santa Clara Divide Road at Angeles Crest Highway)

Shuttle service assumes that you are bringing a bike + kit, have a map (paper or MTB Project or Trail Forks) and know how to navigate down the hill back to your car. If you do not, the shuttle may not be for you. Consider our guided tour service.

Tours come it two types and are based on time on the bike. The Mt Wilson 1/2 Day Tour is 3.5 to 4 hrs of bike time. The Mt Wilson Full Day Tour includes approximately 6 hours of bike time. The MTB Buddy is 6-8 hours of contact time with a guide. Time on the bike varies but is no more than 8 hours. Tours are also booked online.

Each includes a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable guide. Your guide will select trails based on your desires AND demonstrated skill. The Full Day tour includes lunch and snacks.

You may bring your bike and kit. If you do not have a bike, for a fee, you can rent a bike from our partners or us. Check out our full discussion on our Bike Rentals page. Our bikes include gloves and helmet.

(NOTE: we do not rent bikes for Shuttle Participants)

Booking Policy 2018-06-14T15:51:08+00:00

Thanks to technology, we can have 24/7 online booking. We have received a great deal of positive feedback, and it has allowed us to keep the price of shuttles super cheap. When using the online booking tool, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • We need five riders booked to roll the shuttle. Without five, we will cancel the shuttle and refund all bookings.
  • RSVP online. While cash customers are welcome, the van rolls with five bookings or more.
  • Do yourself a favor – book 24 hours in advance but at least by 4 PM the night before. It helps us optimize resources for the shuttle, but it also gives us time to communicate shuttle status to you. Overnight and day of bookings are welcome, make sure you have your email open and your cell phone on for shuttle updates.
  • We do our best to leave on time so that others can get on with their rides. Timely departure is essential for riders signed up for the Double, Triple and Quadruple Crown Rides.
  • Bookings who are not able to load their bike at least 5 minutes before departure may lose their spot.
  • If you miss your shuttle – for whatever reason – consider riding a later same-day shuttle availability permitting.
    We are very sorry for your loss or that your car didn’t start or that pesky LA traffic made you late, but it will not affect your refund. Shuttle No-Shows or cancellations inside of 24 hours are not eligible for a refund or credit.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

What should I wear? 2018-06-12T01:31:00+00:00

Closed toed shoes, polypropylene or light-weight, moisture wicking wool shirts, biking specific gloves, and bike shorts or regular shorts are recommended. Only seldom you will need to be prepared for the occasional SoCal weather change by bringing a light rain jacket or warmer top layer usually in winter. Jeans and non-athletic shoes are not recommended. Helmets are required and are provided with all rental bikes. Pads are recommended as well.

What will the weather be like? 2016-11-10T07:25:57+00:00

In Southern California, winter, spring and fall are typically pleasant, with daytime temperatures ranging from the low sixties to high eighties and nighttime temperatures dropping only slightly. Summers are hot, but fortunately our altitude helps us to stay in the high eighties and low nineties. However in winter, we do experience unpredictable mountain weather at times that can bring colder temperatures and moisture.

What trails will we be riding while on tour? 2016-05-26T05:24:25+00:00

Every day, shuttle and tour is different. Depending on your riding level, we’ll design a specific tour that includes some of our favorite trails. The selection can include family friendly routes on several double tracks to more technical options in the Silver Moccasin Trail network, or expert level trails in with lots of exposure and high consequence thrill rides . Some of our favorite trails are Winter creek Trail, Rim Trail, Mt Lowe & Sam Merrell Trails, the Silver Moccasin trail network , Mt Wilson Trail, Sturtevant trail, Redbox, Strawberry Peak, Valley Forge, Canyon Devore, El Pietro, Ken Burton and Sunset… Yeah, just a few…

What kind of rider do I have to be to go on one of your tours? 2016-11-10T07:25:57+00:00

Any kind of rider! Our tours are designed for all levels, from beginner to expert level mountain bikers. When taking your reservation, we will ask about your riding ability and use this information to place you on the right tour for you. Please use this guide to help choose which category you fit into:

Kid: children from age 7 to 12. Kids should be comfortable on a bike for up to 1½ hours.

Beginner: Beginners include anyone who doesn’t ride a mountain bike often, prefers to ride gravel roads or very gentle paths and trails, and is able to be on the bike for an average of two hours. Age 13 to adult.

Advanced Beginner: An Advanced Beginner rider has mountain biked a few times on flat or very gentle hills and non-technical terrain.

Intermediate: Intermediate riders include anyone who rides fairly often and is relatively fit, comfortable on single track or steeper roads, and is able to be on the bike for up to four hours. Age 13 to adult.

Advanced Intermediate: Advanced Intermediate riders can be on the bike for up to 6 hours. They are very comfortable on most singletrack trails with climbing and descending and some technical features.

Advanced: Advanced riders are those who ride mountain bikes often, are able to ride 50 to 100 miles per week, can handle technical single track and are able to be on the bike for up to eight hours. Age 16 and older only.

Expert: Expert riders are those riders that want to chase and keep up with the guide! They ride several times a week with a lot of mileage and have excellent technical skills.