What services do you provide?

/What services do you provide?

What services do you provide?

We provide two levels of service: 1) mountain bike shuttle and 2) mountain bike tour. The shuttle, like the name implies, picks you up from one of three pickup locations and takes you to the top of Mt Wilson (Red Box, Eaton Saddle, or the Mt Wilson Observatory). Shuttles are priced from $20. They are booked online. Shuttles are available at various times throughout the week. See menu item [Mountain Bike Shuttles] for specifics. The name of the shuttle specifies your pick up/drop off location.

  • Single-Run Shuttle (Gabrielino Trailhead (2807 Windsor Ave Altadena)/Eaton Saddle)
  • Darkside (Tindalo Rd at W Floral Ave Arcadia/Mt Wilson Observatory)
  • Mt Wilson Toll Road (N Roosevelt Blvd at N Altadena Drive Altadena/Mt Wilson Observatory)
  • Chilao Epic (Tindalo Rd at W Floral Ave Arcadia/Santa Clara Divide Road at Angeles Crest Highway)

Shuttle service assumes that you are bringing a bike + kit, have a map (paper or MTB Project or Trail Forks) and know how to navigate down the hill back to your car. If you do not, the shuttle may not be for you. Consider our guided tour service.

Tours come it two types and are based on time on the bike. The Mt Wilson 1/2 Day Tour is 3.5 to 4 hrs of bike time. The Mt Wilson Full Day Tour includes approximately 6 hours of bike time. The MTB Buddy is 6-8 hours of contact time with a guide. Time on the bike varies but is no more than 8 hours. Tours are also booked online.

Each includes a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable guide. Your guide will select trails based on your desires AND demonstrated skill. The Full Day tour includes lunch and snacks.

You may bring your bike and kit. If you do not have a bike, for a fee, you can rent a bike from our partners or us. Check out our full discussion on our Bike Rentals page. Our bikes include gloves and helmet.

(NOTE: we do not rent bikes for Shuttle Participants)

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